Rally For L.E. Leader Speaks Out Against Fundraiser To Support Killer Of Memphis PD Officer

Rally For L.E.’s leader Nohl Rosen is expressing his outrage over an online fundraiser that was started to support Tremaine Wilbourne who has been arrested for the killing of Memphis Police Officer Sean Bolton.

““I find it disgusting that people would actually raise money to help out someone that killed a police officer in cold blood let alone his family. Why should a murderous thug or his family get the help? Killing a police officer isn’t the act of hero, it’s the act of a coward. Officer Bolton proudly served his country as a United States Marine and again as a police officer. He’s the hero and his sacrifice won’t be forgotten. His loved ones deserve the support right now not the man who killed him,” Rosen said.

Rosen is asking everyone across the nation to light a white candle in memory of Officer Bolton and to pray for the family as well.

Update: Indiegogo has shut down the fundraiser for Tremaine Wilbourn.