Rally For Law Enforcement to boycott Starbucks after 6 Tempe PD officers were asked to leave store

Rally For Law Enforcement has announced that it will boycott Starbucks nationwide after 6 Tempe police officers were asked to leave one of their establishments because their presence made another patron uncomfortable. Rally For Law Enforcement’s founder Nohl Rosen who himself is a business owner found this move by Starbucks disrespectful especially since the officers not only risk their lives to protect the community but also were veterans who served their country. The incident happened on July 4th, 2019 at the Starbucks near Scottsdale Rd and McKellips.

“These officers deserve our thanks for serving the community and laying their life on the line to protect it. Asking these heroes to leave because one patron had a problem with law enforcement is pretty disturbing. These officers were also patrons, so shouldn’t they have just as much right to be there as that other patron did? This is pretty much political correctness at it’s worst and we will stand with the officers. There is one silver lining, perhaps this will give a financial boost to a local coffee house which does support police,” Rosen said.

It’s unknown how long the boycott will last but Rally For Law Enforcement is hopeful that other pro-police supporters and groups will join it as well. While we have heard that Starbucks has offered an apology to Tempe PD, similar incidents have happened before, not just with law enforcement but with veterans, military and others. We are encouraging our supporters to patron local coffee houses that do support our law enforcement and other first responders. Thank you all for your support.

146 Responses to Rally For Law Enforcement to boycott Starbucks after 6 Tempe PD officers were asked to leave store

  1. Avatar Craig Tillman
    Craig Tillman says:

    Screw Starbucks !

    • Starbucks has lost me & several hundred patrons due to their behavior. God bless all those dressed in BLUE I hope u have ur own security

      • Love my Starbucks, even though I only drink regular coffee not the fancy drinks…gonna miss em.. I stand with the Law Enforcement!!

    • Avatar Deborah Crawshaw
      Deborah Crawshaw says:

      I was never much of a fan, too expensive, but when they wen through that stuff of saying they would rather hire refugees, than veterans, that sealed the deal.

  2. Avatar George Irrgang
    George Irrgang says:

    I will support the boycott of Starbucks!

  3. On board! Down with Starbucks!

  4. I will never go back to any Starbucks!

  5. Never bough their high priced crap and will back our law enforcement

  6. I’m in. I don’t care for Starbucks.

  7. Avatar Allison Eng
    Allison Eng says:

    Avid iced red eye daily drinker! Had my last one today, as a police officer I am offended by this! Only way you can redeem yourselves now is if corporate addresses this!

  8. Avatar Patricia Bilbo
    Patricia Bilbo says:

    I’ll never darken the doorsteps of any Starbucks ever

  9. Avatar Phil Davis
    Phil Davis says:

    I’ll boycott Starbucks

  10. Avatar Jay Lundon
    Jay Lundon says:

    Starbucks can support criminals all they want, I’m done with their anti law enforcement bullshit.

    • Avatar Kate Farmer
      Kate Farmer says:

      Apparently criminals or their friends are the only ones who can afford Starbucks…
      or given consideration…so from now on will be buying my coffee at an equal opportunity shop where I won’t be sitting with people that are uncomfortable with all things blue!

  11. Avatar Michael
    Michael says:

    Let’s put them out of business

  12. Avatar Angelia Hardin
    Angelia Hardin says:

    I will support a boycott of Starbucks.

  13. I consistently stop by everyday and get my coffee fix at Starbucks. Not anymore. There are several other places in my town that gladly welcome our presence and appreciate the OBVIOUS!

  14. Shame on you Starbucks – I’M OUT!!

  15. I run a law enforcement support nonprofit in Delaware and we don’t patronize Starbucks for a number of reasons, but this was the icing on their cakepop!
    We will encourage our supporters to stay away and make a statement that our officers deserve better.
    Keep up the good work and we’ll spread the word.

  16. Avatar John Buckman
    John Buckman says:

    This is an example of how we let a small group of people dictate to the larger group of people in this country. These officers risk their lives every day and to top it off they were also veterans who protect this country. I really think the manager of that Starbucks should be fired by Starbucks corporate office. I really think the manager of that Starbucks should be fired by Starbucks corporate office. Starbucks May have made a major political correctness blunder with this action and to tolerate it by any of the Starbucks employees is an insult to all public safety professionals.

    • Avatar N. Young
      N. Young says:

      Great idea to boycott. Leave Starbucks nasty, overpriced coffee to the people who think their coffee is so great. Hmmm, maybe this is what really started the civil war. The disrepect is disgusting. And pretty stupid. Instead of licking out 1 idiotic person, Starbucks has managed to offend thousands. Stupid, Starbucks.

      • Screw Starbucks those 5 officers have every right to be there they risk their life day to day for and for Starbucks to do that Starbucks can screw them selves up the ass I’m all for the boycott

  17. Avatar Michael Sweetman
    Michael Sweetman says:

    We need to have a physical boycott our support needs to be seen! The silent majority needs to be heard!!!

  18. Avatar Walter Reed
    Walter Reed says:

    law enforcement now is largely made up of vets and not vengeful kids that were bullied in school. these are genuine badasses who risk life and limb for us other vets and people who believe in law and order. if I wasn’t an ex felon, I’d be a cop. they do a remarkable job, considering the snowflake complaints, and having their hands tied by liberal crap, and punks that give them a hard time.

  19. Avatar Chris mackey
    Chris mackey says:

    All Firefighters and EMS should also stand with our brothers in blue and Boycott them. We all work on the same team and support each other

  20. Shame on you Starbucks! Starbucks needs to stop persecuting the good people who PROTECT US! They allowed two men to loiter at the Philadelphia Starbucks! These two broke the law, and refused to order a single cup of coffee! The manager called the police after numerous customers “felt unsafe.” The police have to respond to a 911 call. The men sued (later to “settle”….[lol] for ‘an undisclosed amount of yes……….MONEY!!!! and wait for it………a college paid education ………… each paid for by Starbucks for committing a crime!! LOL). Then, this. Throwing out the ones who serve our country, and protect us. I will say this and I suggest those of you listen who think you will never need a Police Officer. I am a single female. I obey the law. I am small. I live alone. I get scared. I know I can dial 911 and I will have an officer or two, or three at the drop of a hat, here to HELP ME. Stop the hatred. Stop this stupid narrative about Police. Stop breaking the law. Police do not arrest you for no reason. The “customer” who felt “unsafe,” was more than likely a criminal with an arrest warrant, who knew full well Stupid Starbucks would throw the “big bad Police out.” SHAMMMMMMMMMME ON YOU Starbucks. I myself have been treated rudely at Starbucks (not in AZ), and was told to “Call Corporate.” I guess you have to be of a certain mocha or caramal latte color to be treated like a human being. Or as in this case, don’t wear blue. I boycott Starbucks WITH PRIDE. Bye Bye haters.

  21. Starbucks is in lobby of hotel I’m visiting. But I’ll do without. Police were we’re at a diner I ate this evening and I chose the open table next to them. They have same right I do to eat and drink where they wish.

  22. Avatar Kim Lejeune
    Kim Lejeune says:

    Big Dummies!! Who are they going to call when being robbed??

  23. I’m sick and tired of people being offended. I’m pissed. God was taken out of everything because those who are offended. This country was based on freedom of religion. Get over it people and grow a pair of balls.

  24. Avatar Debbie Benson
    Debbie Benson says:

    I will not go to Starbucks anymore….

  25. Avatar Renetta Riley
    Renetta Riley says:

    Rally for law enforcement God bless them for their relentless sacrifice of their life to protect mine

  26. As a LEO, Battalion Chief / Firefighter and EMT, Starbucks will never see me in their business.

  27. Avatar Russ Linderman
    Russ Linderman says:

    Don’t support any business that would disrespect law enforcement & veterans in this way.

  28. Avatar Kim Patton
    Kim Patton says:

    This is really a shame that police officers can’t go in public place without someone being totally stupid

  29. Avatar Ginny Murphy
    Ginny Murphy says:

    I agree we should always stand for our law enforcement they are out there 24 7 risking their lives for us it’s the American thing to do

    • I’m a retired Firefighter. I will support my brothers in blue and will not patronize Starbucks. In fact, I’ll even buy their coffee for them at Dunkin Donuts.

  30. I will never buy a coffee from starbucks again

  31. Avatar Susan montalvo
    Susan montalvo says:

    F U starbucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Avatar Nancy Gran
    Nancy Gran says:

    It works for me. I will not be buying anything from Starbucks. It used to be a regular stop for me and my entire family. No more.

  33. Avatar George Grauer
    George Grauer says:

    They have been against law enforcement for years. This is one of many issues.

  34. Avatar LB Bush
    LB Bush says:

    Won’t see me there. Overrated !

  35. Avatar David Flowers
    David Flowers says:

    I will no longer buy anything from Starbucks because of the way treat police officers.

  36. Avatar Christy Hale
    Christy Hale says:

    Was it Starbucks or the girl that asked them to leave using her own judgment call. I totally support the officers but it doesn’t seem like we know the whole story. I will wait to see what Starbucks does about this. A lot of times the employees act on their own. If Starbucks was backing her in any way then I will gladly give up their coffee!

    • Avatar catprotector
      catprotector says:

      It was in fact a Starbucks employee that asked the officers to leave after a customer complained that they felt uncomfortable with the police officers being there.

  37. There is no longer going to be any tolerance for anyone at Starbucks. Not to long ago, we all got along and drank our coffee and eat our scones in peace. As Rodney King said long ago “Can’t we all get along?”. Wouldn’t it be great if we adhered to this simple phrase and just went about our day as a patron of Starbucks and enjoyed drinking coffee and eating sconces in peace. God bless America and the men and women who serve our country and community so we can enjoy having the right to buy that coffee in peace and harmony. Amen for the Red White and Blue!

  38. Avatar Lillian klingler
    Lillian klingler says:

    Me personally I think the cops had every right to be there but this person is a butthead and doesn’t want him there so either he’s a gang member rapist or something like that that shouldn’t be there my opinion the cops had every right to be there and I will back them up 150%

  39. Avatar M. Riccardi
    M. Riccardi says:

    To hell with Starbucks! I hope they shut down and make some space for Green Beans. Better quality for a lower price and strong supporter of the troops.

  40. What they did was a form of discrimination!

    Their coffee has really gone done hill over the last several years anyway! I’m done with them!

  41. Avatar Elizabeth Hubbard
    Elizabeth Hubbard says:

    I support law enforcement!

  42. I stand with law enforcement! Mostly definitely will not be giving StarBucks any of my business!

  43. Starbucks will no longer receive my money.

  44. I will no longer support a business that does not support those who have risked their life for our country or those who put their life on the line everyday.

  45. Avatar Randy D Mayns
    Randy D Mayns says:

    Unacceptable behavior towards these officers. I support this boycott.

  46. No more! Done with the world wide attack! Starbucks, Nike and anyone else! This has to stop!

    • To bad that this happened to these Officers. I thank all our Officers for putting there life on the line to serve and protect us. They deserve more than the disrespect they were given. If I am ordering food and there behind me I tell the cashier I am picking up there tab because it’s the least I can do.

  47. Disgusting behaviour of Starbucks management

  48. Being a retired Police Officer this is disgraceful
    what Starbucks did to these officers. I agree
    With the Rally…Boycott Starbucks!!!

  49. I don’t go to Starbucks there is not one that close to my house but for sure I will never go now and will pass the word to everyone I know to also boycott them!!

  50. Avatar Betty Bailey
    Betty Bailey says:

    I stand with our police force. Always have, always will. Starbucks has never impressed me but our men and women who endanger their own lives every day to protect us…now that is impressive. #StandWithOurPoliceForce #BoycottStarbucks

  51. Avatar Michael Filippi
    Michael Filippi says:

    I will boycott Starbucks. I back the blue 100%. I will not condone the liberal attitudes when they disrespect police and veterans.

  52. Avatar Sammysdad
    Sammysdad says:

    Starsucks is own by progressives and will do nothing to change the situation. Their coffee is too expensive and not that good. Why people go there is beyond me. I don’t need to join the rally. I never go there anyway!!

  53. I’m on board, no more Starbucks for me.

  54. Avatar Patrick
    Patrick says:

    Hey starbucks next time u get robed call someone else. I am a first responder and I #backtheblue

  55. This is just ridiculous on Starbucks part. Don’t care if it was the company or just the employee that did it. Once you put on the uniform your speak for the company. I will never go their again no matter how they try to resolve this. When you let one person decide how you treat other paying customers. Why was the single patron not told to leave. I support my first responders. There is no way they can back tra k and make this right!!!

  56. Avatar Darlene
    Darlene says:

    “Life for the Blue” Why is there so many ridiculous people in this world ‍♀️
    I support PJ’s here down south❤️
    Not Starbucks!!!

  57. I’m in. And the boycott is permanent. I will be just fine without Starbucks or Nike

  58. What is this country coming too. I would love to see this boycott really impact Starbucks. To the point they make a public apology to those officer’s. I’ve been a firefighter for 30 years and we are all family. So I’m sorry this happened to those brothers. But I’m the local firehouses have better coffee anyway.

  59. Avatar Laurice Galletta
    Laurice Galletta says:

    SMH. This liberal craziness has to end. Let them call someone else when there is a problem. No one wants to be a cop anymore…. I avoid Starbucks anyway…

  60. I will not go back to snt Starbucks!@@

  61. Avatar Josie Rizzio
    Josie Rizzio says:

    I will never buy a coffee from starbucks again. I will make my own coffee, frappuccino and ice coffee. Or support other coffee shops.

  62. Avatar Elia ford
    Elia ford says:

    I’m a wife of a police officer and stand beside only only the blue line but for all first responders. Shame on Starbucks for allowing this to happen to our five officers because of one patron. We need to ask why this manager or owner felt the need to dismiss our officers? May it be that they did not want to serve these officers? I stand on boycotting Starbucks until they realize that all they are doing is perpetuating this divide and placing our first responders yet again in harms way. Shame shame shame!!!!

  63. Unbelievable that Starbucks has again disrespected customers, but veterans who are now police officers? I have for years been a loyal customer but you’ve crossed the line Starbucks. I will boycott Starbucks for this.

  64. Avatar Ron Steffen
    Ron Steffen says:

    Dump the Starbucks, definitely.
    Someday they will need law enforcement or other first responders and I hope they remember what goes around comes around. But you know the same officers will be there to help those same people because that is the type of person they are. Thank each and everyone for protecting all of us.

  65. Avatar Patricia Himmelstein
    Patricia Himmelstein says:

    I will never willingly consume this GOD awful tasting bilge water again!

  66. If you support law enforcement ban Starbucks for a period of time. Maybe not forever but stand up for something worthwhile. Complacency is for cowards.

  67. Starbucks can kiss my ASS! I say the 5 policemen should bring a lawsuit against them you know anyone else would

  68. I am a regular customer of Starbucks
    And love their coffee
    But I appreciate and respect our law enforcement officers more
    I will support their ban
    Thank you all for your services to all communities

  69. I would of told the patron if I make you feel that way then YOU leave and I will stay here ….I am here to protect and serve just as I have done for the years before this and I bet you don’t even have job…No one should ever be asked to leave from some public place unless they are causing a problem

  70. I support our law enforcement officers.

  71. Avatar Christian Barry
    Christian Barry says:

    Starbucks has lost all of my support from here on out as I have my brothers and sisters six.

  72. Done with Starbucks!

  73. Avatar Richard Mottley
    Richard Mottley says:

    This is a total shame when a customer asks a Business to have Officers to leave when they have purchased merchandise from a Business just like anyone else. I would have never left the Business or they would have to given me a refund!

  74. Avatar Wayne Smith
    Wayne Smith says:


  75. Will not go to Starbucks period! Sick liberals!
    Police deserve better!!

  76. Avatar Shawn Semeran
    Shawn Semeran says:

    F starbuck’s POS

  77. Who will they call when being ROBBED???
    Big dummies!!!

  78. Avatar Sonya D
    Sonya D says:

    what Is wrong with people. These officers had every right to be there. I’ve been in Starbucks where they have let junkies and homeless people in their bathrooms and have not bought anything. Why hadn’t they asked them to leave. These officers are there whenever u need them, they don’t discriminate. So Starbucks you should be ashamed of yourself

  79. I agree, taking my daily Starbucks business to a local coffee house beginning tomorrow!!

  80. Fuck Starbucks your coffee is shite anyway..God bless the men in blue…♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  81. I truly hope people get on board with this. I am tired our first responders are not respected. I am tired that one person decides for all. Tell the person I am sorry but we can not ask then to leave. Give them a voucher for a free coffee for their next visit. I think that shows respect to their customer. Even if Starbucks comes out and apologizes still send a message. Apologies are empty

  82. Well I will be more than happy to boycott Starbucks!!! That is outrageous to ask officers to leave their coffee shop because of someone is uncomfortable. This is America, why didn’t the person complaining told that they could go outside to finish their coffee?!
    Thank officers for everything you do everyday to help protect the streets of the cities!!!


    Retired Navy Wife

  83. Starbuck’s should have a more stringent hiring process and OJT to ensure that this or anything similar will not happen again.

    So much for the fist full of gift cards I buy every year to give as Christmas gifts for relatives, friends and service people.

  84. Avatar Barbara Norris
    Barbara Norris says:

    Will not be spending my money at Starbucks

  85. Avatar Wanda Stover
    Wanda Stover says:

    I have been boycotting Starbucks since 2001 for refusing to give NYC firefighters free water during 911.They also refused to send coffee to our deployed troops.The employees get free coffee at the end of the month, and they donated theirs to the troops.I also do not agree with statements they have made about American workers. Who needs them? They are well overpriced anyway.

  86. Avatar Jaylyn Nagro
    Jaylyn Nagro says:

    I would like to say I will boycott Starbucks because of this, except I already refuse to visit their place. This is definitely another nail in the coffin as far as I’m concerned.
    It’s funny, we went out to eat last night and commented on how safe the restaurant was because there were four police officers there.

  87. Fuck Starbucks! Communist company and their coffee sucks! Do not go Starbucks go dunkin!!

  88. Avatar Evon Suckow
    Evon Suckow says:

    One more reason to not give your patronage to Starbucks! If that person was so uncomfortable by the officers, then they were hiding something. I support our law enforcement and our vets 100%.

  89. Avatar Shannon
    Shannon says:

    Done with Starbucks! Always something to support the liberal agenda and NOW ask officers to leave! Wow!! Will not get another dime from me or my family!

  90. I joined this protest years ago…drop starbucks.

  91. Avatar Butters
    Butters says:

    To turn down free police protection? Pretty stupid.

  92. Avatar Tim Oakes
    Tim Oakes says:

    Dunkin Donuts coffee is hands down and bottoms up better anyway. I won’t darken the door of Starbucks. They have made their statement and I’m making mine. ‍✈️‍✈️

  93. Though I love Starbucks drinks I stick firmly with LE!

  94. Avatar Scott Stein
    Scott Stein says:

    They just dont learn…pretty soon there wont be anyone let for them to treat poorly

  95. Avatar Gene Cavaliere
    Gene Cavaliere says:

    I have been in law-enforcement for over 30 years plus I have enjoyed their coffee but after all these incidents going on right now I am done I will never have another cup of coffee or any product from this establishment again

  96. I stand by our men and women in blue.

  97. Avatar Chris Riley
    Chris Riley says:

    I won’t go back until I hear decent reply from Starbucks Upper Management. In Huntsville, Alabama where I am Police Officer Starbucks is always nice to me.. feel it is only fair to say that

    • Avatar catprotector
      catprotector says:

      While we have now heard that Starbucks has issued an apology to Tempe PD, we are aware that these things have happened before with Starbucks. They always apologize but then very little is done.

  98. Omg Starbucks is history. Shame on them persons offended should of been told to leave not the cops. What has this country come to? Where respect? Shame on Starbucks.

  99. Avatar Deborah
    Deborah says:

    Absolutely and any other business that is not supportive of law enforcement!

  100. I would have gone over and asked whyI should leave. I would have found out who felt unsafe and had them sit with us. That would have made that person feel real safe.

  101. Avatar Robert Armstrong
    Robert Armstrong says:

    I am disgusted how our police officers are being treated for our safety

  102. Will never understand these liberals… but we should teach them a lesson.. I hope this goes viral because I will never attend another Starbucks!!

  103. Avatar Fran Oleszczuk
    Fran Oleszczuk says:

    I stand with my brothers in blue. I got your 6.

  104. Avatar Kathryn Baxley
    Kathryn Baxley says:

    I don’t go there but I stand with law enforcement!

  105. Avatar Charlien Bispo
    Charlien Bispo says:

    I am with you on this boycott. Those officers did not deserve to be treated like second class citizens. I am not going to any Starbucks or buy any of their products until this boycott is rescinded. What they did was disrespectful and uncalled for. The customer should have been given the choice of leaving or moving if they didn’t like them in there. The whole thing was ridiculous

  106. Avatar Mark Salazar
    Mark Salazar says:

    I will go to Chic Fila for coffee! Screw Starbucks!

  107. Avatar Kevin Sweeney
    Kevin Sweeney says:

    If only we could just leave Starbucks without police eesponse for a year and see how they like that.

    People in this society seem to be afraid to take sides because it might hurt someones feelings.

    Its about time people grew up. The world/life will hurt your feelings and it does not give a shit.

    You either stand up for good or you are a parnter with evil.

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”…….Edmund Burke.

  108. Avatar Darlene
    Darlene says:

    Not a good way to support any of our first responders. Ask the person who was so upset if he was getting robbed, he probably would have sued the police for walking away. But who do they call when they need help……first responders. Should have made the quy leave!

  109. I have closed out my account for good I believe stronger messages should be made that people don’t have the right to simply state they “don’t feel comfortable” with servants of law if you undermine the service of law enforcement you will eventually have a true “unsafe” environment where lawlessness can only exist

  110. Shame on Starbucks! Was never a big fan of the coffee but went in for treats, and teas- never again! Bye Starbucks!!!

  111. No problem I like Caribou Coffee better anyway

  112. Avatar Linda Edwards
    Linda Edwards says:

    Shameful to do this to our police. Who is the first person you call when in distress???

  113. Avatar Martin Smith
    Martin Smith says:

    Goodbye Starbucks

  114. This is an example of how we let a small group of people dictate to the larger group of people in this country. These officers risk their lives every day and to top it off they were also veterans who protect this country. I really think the manager of that Starbucks should be fired by Starbucks corporate office. I really think the manager of that Starbucks should be fired by Starbucks corporate office. Starbucks May have made a major political correctness blunder with this action and to tolerate it by any of the Starbucks employees is an insult to all public safety professionals.

  115. Bad move by the employee who did this!

  116. Avatar Ashley Collett
    Ashley Collett says:

    No Starbucks for me or mine anymore

  117. Avatar Pat Swearingen
    Pat Swearingen says:

    I never go there but i will share with many. This what’s wrong with our country. Everyone has a rt to be in any establishment. Not only were they working on july 4 they protect us at all cost. This is all wrong

  118. Avatar Chris Burke
    Chris Burke says:

    2lb tub of Maxwell house coffee is $4.88 on sale at Walgreens shit will last me month and a half GOODBYE STARBUCKS A LUXURY NONEOF IS CAN NO LONGER AFFORD BECAUSE WITHOUT LAW ENFORMENT we’re all dead…… doesn’t the idiot barista or the GIANT STARBUCK’s see this too I will always support law enforcement and also and most importantly the flag and spirit of the USA Adios Starbucks it was fun but it’s time to go go go

  119. Avatar Fred Parker
    Fred Parker says:

    I support law enforcement. Star bucks should fire the manager in duty for letting this happen. Instead of an apology star bucks should donate to group that assists law enforcement and veterans.

  120. Our service me that served our country should be honored and those that are serving to protect this country of ours

    Starbucks you will loose my business there are other places to get good coffee

  121. Kicking out the folks who protect your sorry ass on a daily basis? Starbucks, you are low!

  122. Avatar Mark Roggeman
    Mark Roggeman says:

    You would think they would have felt safer with the officers there. Would the person offended rather have a group of gang members present.
    Maybe the person offended had a warrant out for his arrest. Maybe they were carrying drugs.

  123. Avatar Kristie
    Kristie says:

    I support this boycott!

  124. It’s always something with that bunch!

  125. Avatar Thisnut
    Thisnut says:

    Last drink i swear

  126. Starbucks you suck….bye!

  127. I agree 100% and will never step foot into a Starbucks again… I will also post it to everyone I know who drinks this garbage!!!!

  128. Avatar Cheryl Hase
    Cheryl Hase says:

    I won’t shop at Starbucks! To expensive anyway there is a ziggies coffee close and others less expensive. Always support Police and especially veterans

  129. Avatar Paul J. Klosterman
    Paul J. Klosterman says:

    I already boycott Starbuck’s for their support of Planned Parenthood. To me, this is just one more reason for me to dislike Starbuck’s and to boycott them.

  130. I hope a few of them get robbed and the police don’t show up and boycott the call. Fuck them. They charged first responders for water during 9-11 when thousands were in need of assistance.

  131. Have never liked there arrogant commits and disresp for there customers.

  132. No more Starbucks for my LE family..

  133. I’m shocked that made the Police leave! They should have made the rude people leave!

  134. Not only should cop boycott Starbucks by not buying anything there they should boycott by not showing up at any Starbucks anytime they are called there for a disturbance or robbery.

  135. Avatar Bonnie Campbell Schmelzer
    Bonnie Campbell Schmelzer says:

    Why was this single patron uncomfortable around Law Enforcement? It’s usually because they’re guilty and afraid of being caught. They should feel extra safe when so many Officers were in the same establishment, not the opposite if they have nothing to hide.
    I, for one, feel much better seeing our Brave in Blue and/or our Brave Military nearby.
    (I have never liked Starbucks’ coffee. All hype with lousy taste. So, I guess I already boycott them !)