Rally For Law Enforcement once again to speak out against citizen oversight of Phoenix PD at November 19th City Council Meeting

Once again, Rally For Law Enforcement is speaking out against against the idea of citizen oversight of the Phoenix and is asking it’s members to attend a special policy meeting of the Phoenix City Council which is set to take place on November 19th beginning at 2pm in the Phoenix City Council Chambers located at 200 W. Jefferson St.

Anti-cop groups like Poder In Action, Puente, Black Lives Matter and other agitators are once again planning to push for citizen oversight of Phoenix PD to totally dismantle the department. The anti-cop side has already pressed for the firing of officers doing their jobs and for exercising their First Amendment rights to free speech. These same groups are now claiming that the Mayor and the City Council want to hear from the community regarding civilian oversight. These same groups want to put their own people on this type of committee and have the same firing power as the Chief. This won’t be good at all. We need police supporters at this meeting to say NO to citizen oversight which in fact they already have.

We are asking all supporters of law enforcement that can attend to be at the meeting to support the police.