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  • Rally For Law Enforcement continues to boycott Starbucks after latest anti-cop incident in Oklahoma

    The pro-police movement Rally For Law Enforcement is continuing its boycott of Starbucks after the company’s latest incident involving a police officer in Oklahoma where one of their employees wrote “pig” on a Kiefer police officer’s order. The Starbucks is located in Glenpool, OK.

    “This seems to be a continuing trend with Starbucks and we can’t support a business that continues to hire employees that are against our police. This is just one of the several incidents that have happened at Starbucks locations across the country. Our boycott of them will continue and we hope supporters of police and officers themselves will consider patronizing local establishments which support our law enforcement. Our police officers deserve our thanks for their service and to be respected,” said Rally For Law Enforcement’s founder Nohl Rosen.

    Rally For Law Enforcement launched a nationwide boycott of Starbucks back in July 2019 after Tempe police officers were asked to a leave a Starbuck’s location because a patron felt uncomfortable with their presence there.

    For more about Rally For Law Enforcement feel free to check out their web site at www.rallyforle.com or you can email them at info@rallyforle.com”