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  • Washington State Trooper Gives Police Escort To Senior Citizen On Scooter

    While the media has put out a lot of anti-police stories here is one of the positive stories. A Washington State Trooper was out on patrol when he came across a senior citizen who was in somewhat of a dangerous position on the highway. He pulled her over and discovered she was lost. So he gave her a police escort and helped her get to her destination.

  • Police Supporter Says: “The News Media Has Waged A Propaganda War Against Law Enforcement”


    The leader of a pro-law enforcement movement called Rally For L.E. is calling the news media out on its bad behavior towards police officers and isn’t being light with his words.

    “It’s clear that the so-called mainstream news media has waged a propaganda war against police officers in this country and it’s disgusting not to mention a spit in the face of all law enforcement members across the country that have risked their lives to protect their community.  It’s pretty evident the media could care less about printing the truth anymore especially when it comes to police officers. I want the members of law enforcement to know that there are people like myself that appreciate the members of law enforcement have made to serve their community and are grateful for it,” said Rally For L.E.’s leader Nohl Rosen.

    Rosen also is standing up in support of Officer Eric Casebolt, the McKinney police officer who was forced to resign due to a viral video of him arresting a teenage girl. He says the media should’ve done their job and reported the facts instead of putting out fiction. He also say that McKinney Police Chief David Conley should be the one to resign his position.

    “Officer Casebolt did nothing wrong and shouldn’t be condemned or forced to resign for doing his job. The police chief should’ve stood by his officer and not caved to either public pressure from the so-called community leaders or due to politics. He should be the one to step down from his position, not Casebolt. Hopefully, this officer will find employment at another agency that has a chief that will back their officers. The media also must share responsibility in what has happened to Casebolt and should’ve put out all the facts instead of a 7 minute video that doesn’t depict the whole story,” Rosen added.

    And the case in McKinney, Texas isn’t the only evidence of the media’s obvious campaign against the police.  Over the weekend a Louisville police officer was being attacked by a suspect wielding a flag pole and the cop shot the suspect in self-defense. Instead of the news media going with a more truthful headline “Video shows suspect attacking Kentucky police officer with Flagpole” they run with this headline instead, “Video shows a Kentucky police officer killing man wielding a flagpole” as if the officer is the aggressor and the suspect being the victim. The stories against police officers are becoming larger and more numerous and Rosen says it’s time to call the media out on its obvious anti-police attitude and says they should be ashamed of themselves for helping to create such negative and hostile attitude towards law enforcement.

    Despite the lack of news media attention, Rally For L.E. is starting to gain more members and has announced that they will be holding another national rally in support of the police on September 26th.