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  • Solo Rally To Support Police Becomes Big Hit With Officers

    Rally For L.E.’s leader Nohl Rosen recently started a solo rally to support local law enforcement and hopefully encourage others to do the same. His message of thanks has been a real hit with officers locally and he’s been to at least police 10 stations and stood outside each one of them holding a sign and the Thin Blue Line flag. He’s held the one man demonstrations in Scottsdale, Glendale and Chandler. He says more are on the way and that the experience has been great and at times overwhelming with the kind of response he’s encountered including some police department members that wanted to get a picture taken with him.

    “I’ve encountered some great officers and really had some great moments which I’ll remember for the rest of my life. I wanted these men and women that put on that uniform to know that they matter and that I’m grateful for their service to the community. I also wanted them to know that they matter,” Rosen said.

    Rosen says there have been a lot of special moments like when officers in Scottsdale and Glendale came out from the police stations to shake his hand and take a picture with him. One officer in Scottsdale gave him a patch and one officer in Glendale gave him a challenge coin bearing the name of his brother which was killed in the line of duty in 2011. Chandler PD was also touched that one person would come out to support them that the chief of police gave him a patch and a pin. In fact, Rosen has received 2 patches from both Scottsdale and Chandler.

    “There are so many special moments doing this because I’ve had great encounters in all 3 cities. I’ve shaken the hands officers and to get a chance to do that has been a real honor for me. They really do care about their citizens. There were plenty of moments where they either brought me water or a Powerade or simply asked if I was ok. It shows they care. The biggest shock for them has been seeing a member of the public come out to support them. A few officers I encountered said they almost never see that. One even said that in that in their 12 year career they’ve seen only one other person besides myself come out to support the police. I find that completely sad and shocking. It’s time that changed because these are good people that are laying their lives on the line to make sure we’re kept safe. It’s way overdue for the public to reciprocate and not do it when an officer is killed in the line of duty. We need to show our appreciation while they’re very much alive,” Rosen added.

    It’s unknown which local city he’ll go to next but Phoenix is a good possibility. We’ll keep you all posted.