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  • Rally For Law Enforcement and pro-police supporters to speak out at next Phoenix City Council meeting in support of police

    Rally For Law Enforcement is now mobilizing pro-police supporters that plan on attending the next Phoenix City Council meeting to speak out in support of Phoenix PD and the officers who stopped Draven Ames and Lesha Harper after it was reported that they shoplifted from a store. Protesters that support the couple tried to take over the last Phoenix City Council meeting on June 19th shouting down anyone including Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio who voiced his support for Phoenix PD. Nohl Rosen, the founder of Rally For Law Enforcement has also spoken out in support of the officers and plans to attend the next meeting which is scheduled for June 26th.
    “You’ve heard from the anti-cop side, now it’s time to hear from our side that supports the police, so you can expect us to be at the next meeting to testify in support of Phoenix PD. We don’t feel that the officers did anything wrong and followed proper procedure. They’re clearly being railroaded here and we’ve heard from police supporters from across the country who also feel the same way. I myself certainly agree with him that no excessive force was used. You also can’t base all the facts on an un-vetted viral video which only showed a brief moment of what happened. You have to look at all the facts. Nonetheless, you can expect plenty of police supporters to be at the next meeting,” said Rosen.  

    The Phoenix City Council meetings are held at 200 W. Jefferson and they start at 2:30pm. We will try to keep everyone up to date on any changes. Thank you for your support.

  • Phoenix City Council Member Speaks Out In Support Of The Police


    At a recent Phoenix City Council meeting Black Lives Matter members used the public speaking portion to take over the meeting and continue their verbal attacks on police. Mayor Greg Stanton let them take over the floor but then when Councilman Sal DiCiccio tried to speak up in defense of the police, the Mayor tried to silence him. Councilman DiCiccio released the following note today to further explain his position. Thank you Councilman DiCiccio for speaking out in support of the police and standing up to the racist and terrorist group known as Black Lives Matter.

    Police Need Politicians to Speak up Against Extremist Movement

    Below is a link where the Mayor prevents me from defending the police against the rhetoric of supporters of the Black Lives Movement.


    I believe it is time for politicians at City Hall and across our state to push back against the harmful rhetoric of the Black Lives Movement.

    At the last city council meeting I was clearly told that I was able to publicly defend our men and women in blue. What you will see on this tape is Mayor Stanton using a procedural move to prevent my ability to make a statement defending those who defend us.

    I fully agree that the other side has the right of free speech, but so do we. I fully understand that there are those politicians that would like to avoid this issue for fear that it could damage their own political lives, but police lives matter too.”