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  • Rally For Law Enforcement once again to speak out against citizen oversight of Phoenix PD at November 19th City Council Meeting

    Once again, Rally For Law Enforcement is speaking out against against the idea of citizen oversight of the Phoenix and is asking it’s members to attend a special policy meeting of the Phoenix City Council which is set to take place on November 19th beginning at 2pm in the Phoenix City Council Chambers located at 200 W. Jefferson St.

    Anti-cop groups like Poder In Action, Puente, Black Lives Matter and other agitators are once again planning to push for citizen oversight of Phoenix PD to totally dismantle the department. The anti-cop side has already pressed for the firing of officers doing their jobs and for exercising their First Amendment rights to free speech. These same groups are now claiming that the Mayor and the City Council want to hear from the community regarding civilian oversight. These same groups want to put their own people on this type of committee and have the same firing power as the Chief. This won’t be good at all. We need police supporters at this meeting to say NO to citizen oversight which in fact they already have.

    We are asking all supporters of law enforcement that can attend to be at the meeting to support the police.

  • Rally For Law Enforcement speaks out against proposed citizen review board of Phoenix PD

    Rally For Law Enforcement and its founder Nohl Rosen are speaking out ahead of time against a proposed citizen review board which is expected to be discussed at a special Phoenix City Council policy meeting announced by Mayor Kate Gallego. The meeting will take place on July 2nd at 2:30pm at the Orpheum Theatre which is located at 203 W Adams St in Phoenix.

    “This proposed citizen oversight committee is just another way for the anti-police agitators to get their own people on as members and to tie the hands of police officers in order to prevent them from their job. The Phoenix Police Department already has a review board and there are citizens that are already sitting on it so another one isn’t needed. This idea of a citizen review board in addition to what’s already in place is obviously being driven by politics and caving into what the agitators want. Police officers have enough to worry about without having to be concerned that they’ll be fired because they followed their training but didn’t do what’s politically correct. Let the officers do their job,” Rosen said.

    Rally For Law Enforcement members and other pro-police supporters will be at the July 2nd meeting voicing their support for Phoenix PD. If you are unable to attend the meeting, we’re asking our members and other police supporters to email the Mayor of Phoenix and the City Council to urge them to vote no on the proposed citizen oversight committee. You can email them at the following address: https://www.phoenix.gov/mayorcouncil.

  • Rally For Law Enforcement and pro-police supporters to speak out at next Phoenix City Council meeting in support of police

    Rally For Law Enforcement is now mobilizing pro-police supporters that plan on attending the next Phoenix City Council meeting to speak out in support of Phoenix PD and the officers who stopped Draven Ames and Lesha Harper after it was reported that they shoplifted from a store. Protesters that support the couple tried to take over the last Phoenix City Council meeting on June 19th shouting down anyone including Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio who voiced his support for Phoenix PD. Nohl Rosen, the founder of Rally For Law Enforcement has also spoken out in support of the officers and plans to attend the next meeting which is scheduled for June 26th.
    “You’ve heard from the anti-cop side, now it’s time to hear from our side that supports the police, so you can expect us to be at the next meeting to testify in support of Phoenix PD. We don’t feel that the officers did anything wrong and followed proper procedure. They’re clearly being railroaded here and we’ve heard from police supporters from across the country who also feel the same way. I myself certainly agree with him that no excessive force was used. You also can’t base all the facts on an un-vetted viral video which only showed a brief moment of what happened. You have to look at all the facts. Nonetheless, you can expect plenty of police supporters to be at the next meeting,” said Rosen.  

    The Phoenix City Council meetings are held at 200 W. Jefferson and they start at 2:30pm. We will try to keep everyone up to date on any changes. Thank you for your support.

  • Solo Rally To Support Phoenix Police Is Successful


    Rally For L.E.’s leader Nohl Rosen has once again wrapped up another successful solo rally, this time in Phoenix to support the Phoenix Police Department. He covered all 7 precincts and Phoenix PD HQ as well. The demonstration was met with waves, salutes, and handshakes from officers who thanked him for stopping by. Officers also stopped to take his picture capturing a few special moments and Rosen said it was indeed an honor to meet many of the officers that help keep our community safe.

    “It was a great experience and just like the other solo rallies I got to engage with officers on a more personal level. This was also a tougher demonstration because Phoenix has more precincts than the previous cities I’ve been to. Nonetheless, it seemed to be a real morale booster for the officers and many were thanking me for being out there with the sign and a flag but I was there to thank them. They’re the heroes and I wanted to let them know that they matter and their service to the community is appreciated. Hopefully more people will come out in support of the police,” Rosen said.

    It’s unknown which local city he’ll head to next. Mesa, Surprise, Peoria, and Gilbert are possibilities. Besides Phoenix, he’s already visited police stations and headquarters Scottsdale, Glendale and Chandler.