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  • Rally For L.E. Movement Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary

    Chanukah and Christmas aren’t the only moments to celebrate in December but it’s also the time that  Rally For L.E. turns 1 years old. Thank you to all of our members and supporters who helped us reach this special mark. We also thank all the members of law enforcement who protect our community and continue to serve as well as those that have lost their lives to make sure we’re kept safe. Their sacrifice isn’t forgotten and will be remembered. Rally For L.E. will remain committed to supporting all the members of law enforcement that honorably wear both the uniform and the badge. We also remain committed to supporting and defending the Thin Blue Line. Who would’ve thought that a movement that got started locally in Phoenix would become a national one? We’re ready for 2016 and you can expect us to do a lot more rallies and events in the coming year. Thanks again everyone helping us reach the 1 year mark.