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  • Rally For Law Enforcement continues to boycott Starbucks after latest anti-cop incident in Oklahoma

    The pro-police movement Rally For Law Enforcement is continuing its boycott of Starbucks after the company’s latest incident involving a police officer in Oklahoma where one of their employees wrote “pig” on a Kiefer police officer’s order. The Starbucks is located in Glenpool, OK.

    “This seems to be a continuing trend with Starbucks and we can’t support a business that continues to hire employees that are against our police. This is just one of the several incidents that have happened at Starbucks locations across the country. Our boycott of them will continue and we hope supporters of police and officers themselves will consider patronizing local establishments which support our law enforcement. Our police officers deserve our thanks for their service and to be respected,” said Rally For Law Enforcement’s founder Nohl Rosen.

    Rally For Law Enforcement launched a nationwide boycott of Starbucks back in July 2019 after Tempe police officers were asked to a leave a Starbuck’s location because a patron felt uncomfortable with their presence there.

    For more about Rally For Law Enforcement feel free to check out their web site at www.rallyforle.com or you can email them at info@rallyforle.com”

  • Rally For Law Enforcement once again to speak out against citizen oversight of Phoenix PD at November 19th City Council Meeting

    Once again, Rally For Law Enforcement is speaking out against against the idea of citizen oversight of the Phoenix and is asking it’s members to attend a special policy meeting of the Phoenix City Council which is set to take place on November 19th beginning at 2pm in the Phoenix City Council Chambers located at 200 W. Jefferson St.

    Anti-cop groups like Poder In Action, Puente, Black Lives Matter and other agitators are once again planning to push for citizen oversight of Phoenix PD to totally dismantle the department. The anti-cop side has already pressed for the firing of officers doing their jobs and for exercising their First Amendment rights to free speech. These same groups are now claiming that the Mayor and the City Council want to hear from the community regarding civilian oversight. These same groups want to put their own people on this type of committee and have the same firing power as the Chief. This won’t be good at all. We need police supporters at this meeting to say NO to citizen oversight which in fact they already have.

    We are asking all supporters of law enforcement that can attend to be at the meeting to support the police.

  • Thin Blue Line March to take place October 26th in Phoenix

    Join us on October 26th, 2019 as Rally For Law Enforcement presents its first Thin Blue Line March from 10am – 1pm. Those attending are encouraged to bring their Thin Blue Line and American flags, their signs and also wear shirts in support of law enforcement. The march will start at Phoenix Police headquarters located at 620 W. Washington St and end at the Arizona Peace Officers Memorial at Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza where we will have speakers and present Thin Blue Line flags to fallen officers and their families. There will also be a motorcycle procession as well as various speakers from law enforcement as well participating.

    The following is the most up to date schedule for the event:

    10am – 10:25: Those participating in the march will gather at Phoenix PD HQ located at 620 W Washington St.
    10:30am: March will begin towards Wesley Bolin Plaza
    11am: Those participating in the walk will arrive at the Arizona Peace Officers Memorial at Wesley Bolin Plaza.
    11:15 – 11:30am: Motorcycle procession arrives at Wesley Bolin Plaza.
    11:45: Prayer, Pledge Of Allegiance and honor guard takes place.
    12pm – 1pm: Presentation of the flags to the families of the fallen officers as well as speakers.

    Thin Blue Line flags will be presented to the the families of the following fallen law enforcement members:

    Trooper Tyler Edenhofer- Arizona DPS. EOW 7/25/18
    Officer David Glasser- Phoenix PD. EOW 5/19/16
    Sergeant Brandon Mendoza- Mesa PD. EOW 5/12/14
    Officer Paul Rutherford- Phoenix PD. EOW 3/21/19
    Officer Clayton Townsend- Salt River PD. 1/8/2019

    The event is free. Parking will be in the north and south lots at Wesley Bolin Plaza and additional parking in the West lot behind the AZ State Capitol building.

  • Rally For Law Enforcement to boycott Starbucks after 6 Tempe PD officers were asked to leave store

    Rally For Law Enforcement has announced that it will boycott Starbucks nationwide after 6 Tempe police officers were asked to leave one of their establishments because their presence made another patron uncomfortable. Rally For Law Enforcement’s founder Nohl Rosen who himself is a business owner found this move by Starbucks disrespectful especially since the officers not only risk their lives to protect the community but also were veterans who served their country. The incident happened on July 4th, 2019 at the Starbucks near Scottsdale Rd and McKellips.

    “These officers deserve our thanks for serving the community and laying their life on the line to protect it. Asking these heroes to leave because one patron had a problem with law enforcement is pretty disturbing. These officers were also patrons, so shouldn’t they have just as much right to be there as that other patron did? This is pretty much political correctness at it’s worst and we will stand with the officers. There is one silver lining, perhaps this will give a financial boost to a local coffee house which does support police,” Rosen said.

    It’s unknown how long the boycott will last but Rally For Law Enforcement is hopeful that other pro-police supporters and groups will join it as well. While we have heard that Starbucks has offered an apology to Tempe PD, similar incidents have happened before, not just with law enforcement but with veterans, military and others. We are encouraging our supporters to patron local coffee houses that do support our law enforcement and other first responders. Thank you all for your support.

  • Rally For Law Enforcement speaks out against proposed citizen review board of Phoenix PD

    Rally For Law Enforcement and its founder Nohl Rosen are speaking out ahead of time against a proposed citizen review board which is expected to be discussed at a special Phoenix City Council policy meeting announced by Mayor Kate Gallego. The meeting will take place on July 2nd at 2:30pm at the Orpheum Theatre which is located at 203 W Adams St in Phoenix.

    “This proposed citizen oversight committee is just another way for the anti-police agitators to get their own people on as members and to tie the hands of police officers in order to prevent them from their job. The Phoenix Police Department already has a review board and there are citizens that are already sitting on it so another one isn’t needed. This idea of a citizen review board in addition to what’s already in place is obviously being driven by politics and caving into what the agitators want. Police officers have enough to worry about without having to be concerned that they’ll be fired because they followed their training but didn’t do what’s politically correct. Let the officers do their job,” Rosen said.

    Rally For Law Enforcement members and other pro-police supporters will be at the July 2nd meeting voicing their support for Phoenix PD. If you are unable to attend the meeting, we’re asking our members and other police supporters to email the Mayor of Phoenix and the City Council to urge them to vote no on the proposed citizen oversight committee. You can email them at the following address: https://www.phoenix.gov/mayorcouncil.

  • Rally For Law Enforcement and pro-police supporters to speak out at next Phoenix City Council meeting in support of police

    Rally For Law Enforcement is now mobilizing pro-police supporters that plan on attending the next Phoenix City Council meeting to speak out in support of Phoenix PD and the officers who stopped Draven Ames and Lesha Harper after it was reported that they shoplifted from a store. Protesters that support the couple tried to take over the last Phoenix City Council meeting on June 19th shouting down anyone including Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio who voiced his support for Phoenix PD. Nohl Rosen, the founder of Rally For Law Enforcement has also spoken out in support of the officers and plans to attend the next meeting which is scheduled for June 26th.
    “You’ve heard from the anti-cop side, now it’s time to hear from our side that supports the police, so you can expect us to be at the next meeting to testify in support of Phoenix PD. We don’t feel that the officers did anything wrong and followed proper procedure. They’re clearly being railroaded here and we’ve heard from police supporters from across the country who also feel the same way. I myself certainly agree with him that no excessive force was used. You also can’t base all the facts on an un-vetted viral video which only showed a brief moment of what happened. You have to look at all the facts. Nonetheless, you can expect plenty of police supporters to be at the next meeting,” said Rosen.  

    The Phoenix City Council meetings are held at 200 W. Jefferson and they start at 2:30pm. We will try to keep everyone up to date on any changes. Thank you for your support.

  • Phoenix PD releases store video showing couple and their kids stealing from store after they file $10 million lawsuit claiming cops acted inappropiately

    Phoenix PD has now released video showing what led up to the May 27th arrest of two suspects who are suing the city of Phoenix for $10 million claiming their civil rights had been violent. The local and national media are trying to paint the couple identified as Dravon Ames and Iesha Harper as innocent people who did nothing wrong. The couple claims that Phoenix PD officers were the aggressors and had violated their civil rights and acted inappropriately. A video released by Phoenix PD seems to indicate that couple did bring their children into a store and were seen on camera stealing items.

    One thing not being reported by the media is that Rally For Enforcement has stated its support of the officers as well as other pro-police supporters.

    Phoenix PD released a fact sheet on the incident which took place on May 27th. It was as follows:


    Date: May 27, 2019 at approximately 11:17 a.m.
    Location: 1600 N. 36th Street

    -On May 27, Phoenix Police received a call for assistance from the store manager to report a shoplifting inside the store.

    -During the investigation the store manager alerted the officer to a second shoplifting in progress and the people from that incident were now getting into a vehicle in the parking lot.

    -As the officer approached the vehicle, he observed female #1 drop an item before getting in the car, then the vehicle quickly reversed and drove away.

    -Moments later the vehicle stopped at McDowell Road, female #1 exited the vehicle and the car again drove away. The officer learned the female had three misdemeanor warrants for her arrest and was booked for the outstanding warrants.

    -The vehicle was located a short distance away and stopped in an apartment complex about a mile away. Officers arrested the male driver and a second female.

    -The male driver told an officer he shoplifted a package of underwear from the store and threw them out the window, and in addition he was driving on a suspended license.

    -Female individual #2 told an officer that her aunt (female #1) and child went into the store together. Female #2 also said she saw her child walk out of the store with a doll and she believed they had stolen it because they didn’t have any money. Also, the female said she heard the officer in the parking lot tell the driver to stop the car several times, but he didn’t.

    -The store manager declined to prosecute, so no one was arrested for shoplifting.

    -On June 11, Phoenix Police was made aware of video taken by residents at the apartment complex showing extremely offensive and unprofessional language and actions by officers during the arrests. That same day, Police Chief Jeri Williams requested the officers be removed from the street and assigned to desk duty while an investigation takes place.

    -On June 14, the Police Department provided to the media the police report of the original call to the local business on May 27, 2019. On the same day, Chief Williams shared a videotaped message with the community expressing how disturbing the video was, her expectations of employees, the need to give due diligence for the investigation and her support of the men and women of the department who faithfully protect and serve the community.”

    There are now reports that Ames is facing charges from a 2018 incident where he assaulted a Tempe PD officer. We will try to post more about this but the latest info has been posted to Rally For Law Enforcement’s Facebook page.

  • Phoenix PD Officer Rutherford Funeral To Take Place This Thursday

    The funeral for Phoenix Police Officer Paul Rutherford is scheduled to take place this this Thursday 3/28 at Christ Of The Valley and will begin at 10am. The church is located at 7007 W. Happy Valley Road in Peoria. A funeral procession will follow after the service to Phoenix Memorial Park & Cemetary which is located at 200 W. Bearsdley Rd in Phoenix. We’re encouraging all police supporters to line the procession route to honor Officer Rutherford, his family and Phoenix PD. We also hope you’ll join us outside the cemetery as the procession passes and line the street with Thin Blue Line and American flags.

    There will be a public viewing on Wednesday 3/27 from 2:30pm – 3:30pm at St. Thomas Aquinas, located at 13720 W. Thomas Rd.

    Here is the latest information according to ADOT on the route the procession will take to the cemetery.

    Expect delays and a closure of part of the 101 freeway at 75th Ave. It will stretch to 7th Street.

  • Thin Blue Line March to take place in Scottsdale on March 28, 2021

    Once again, Rally For Law Enforcement will host another Thin Blue Line March which is scheduled to take place from 10am – 1pm on March 28, 2021. The event will feature a march from Scottsdale PD’s Via Linda station to Mountain View Park as well as motorcycle procession. Thin Blue Line flags will be presented to the families of fallen officers and we’ll also have speakers as well. We’re currently working on all of the details which will be posted soon.

  • Rally For Law Enforcement to support Phoenix PD at public safety committee meeting

    Rally For Law Enforcement members and pro-police supporters are expected to attend the Phoenix City Council Public Safety & Veteran’s Sub-Committee on March 13th to speak in support of Phoenix PD. The meeting will be held at Phoenix City Hall located at 200 W. Washington St in Phoenix and will begin at 9am. All police supporters are being invited to attend. We do recommend that those wishing to be at the meeting be there by 8am and to fill out comment cards to testify before the committee.