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  • Rally For Law Enforcement to boycott Starbucks after 6 Tempe PD officers were asked to leave store

    Rally For Law Enforcement has announced that it will boycott Starbucks nationwide after 6 Tempe police officers were asked to leave one of their establishments because their presence made another patron uncomfortable. Rally For Law Enforcement’s founder Nohl Rosen who himself is a business owner found this move by Starbucks disrespectful especially since the officers not only risk their lives to protect the community but also were veterans who served their country. The incident happened on July 4th, 2019 at the Starbucks near Scottsdale Rd and McKellips.

    “These officers deserve our thanks for serving the community and laying their life on the line to protect it. Asking these heroes to leave because one patron had a problem with law enforcement is pretty disturbing. These officers were also patrons, so shouldn’t they have just as much right to be there as that other patron did? This is pretty much political correctness at it’s worst and we will stand with the officers. There is one silver lining, perhaps this will give a financial boost to a local coffee house which does support police,” Rosen said.

    It’s unknown how long the boycott will last but Rally For Law Enforcement is hopeful that other pro-police supporters and groups will join it as well. While we have heard that Starbucks has offered an apology to Tempe PD, similar incidents have happened before, not just with law enforcement but with veterans, military and others. We are encouraging our supporters to patron local coffee houses that do support our law enforcement and other first responders. Thank you all for your support.