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    Trooper Ponder

    Our deepest condolences to the family of Kentuck State Trooper Joseph Ponder who was killed in the line of duty when trying to apprehend a suspect in Lyon County. The suspect, Joseph Thomas Johnson-Shanks is now in custody for the death of the trooper. When Trooper Ponder stopped Johnson-Shanks the suspect sped away leading Ponder on small chase. Johnson-Shanks then stopped abruptly causing Ponder’s patrol vehicle to crash into his. Johnson-Shanks then started shooting at Ponder’s vehicle hitting the hood, the windshield and Trooper Ponder multiple multiple times. Johnson-Shanks then fled the scene and was captured after a short manhunt but later died at a hospital by injuries sustained by gun shot wounds. Trooper Ponder had recently graduated from the KSP Training Academy and had been on the job less than 1 year. RIP Trooper.